Super Pixel Maker - A Postmortem

Super Pixel Maker's development has officially stopped. The main reason for this is that Super Pixel Maker was as complete as it could have got and it was getting harder to maintain after each addition.

What went wrong:

  • The project lacked focus and just kept getting unnecessary updates causing stability problems.
  • The code for the project was too hard to manage.
  • The limitations of the game engine prevented us from adding certain features.

What went right:

  • The project got to a point where it could be considered complete.
  • The project attracted more attention than any other project before it.

What  we've learnt:

  • To keep code clean and module in design.
  • How to deign better user interfaces.

This will be our last project using GameMaker: Studio and instead we will start using both Unity and Godot.

Our first Unity game will be a cross-platform game inspired by Super Pixel Maker.

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